Connecting work and health

Today’s digital world has amped up human ability in unimaginable ways. But it has also created a whole slew of new health concerns. Digital vision syndrome, computer slouch, text neck, mouse wrist and so on — these problems can be insidious, causing a lot of pain, affecting your work and, indeed, your long-term health.

We know because we, the Urbo® team, are desk athletes, just like you. We face these same challenges and we solve them through ergonomics. Our products use human factors design principles to help you set up your workspace in a way that’s healthy and efficient so you can ease the strain on your body. This means getting your workspace to adapt to you – making you the center of your own ergonomic universe, and harmonizing productivity and wellness.

Dutch in spirit

We travel. We explore. We build. It’s how we turned Amsterdam into one of the world’s biggest trading hubs. It’s how we are turning Urbo® into a meeting place of technology, designs, and materials from across the world. Our global team works across Europe, Asia, and the Americas to reach our diverse customers – from the freelancer working at home to the large corporation bringing occupational health solutions to its workforce.