Urbo® started in 2016 with a mission to improve your workspace through better organization and ergonomics. From our base in Amsterdam, we have teamed up with occupational health consultants, physiotherapists, and product designers to develop highly effective products that balance your health against the demands of today’s digital workspace.

If you have a career or lifestyle that keeps you glued to a screen for an extended period every day, you need Urbo®. Of course, if you are already suffering from repetitive use injury or physical strain or chronic pain, you urgently need Urbo®. But our products offer the kind of precaution that is as important as the cure. Urbo’s team of health experts and product designers is focused on developing highly effective ergonomic desk accessories to help avoid all forms of Ergonomic Workplace Hazards, with human-centric design being an intrinsic part of the product and not merely an option.

Quality – We use first-in-class materials in our manufacturing process and ensure all our products are tested against the strictest industry standards.

Usability – Most of our products are ready to use without any assembly. Simply remove them from the box, and enjoy an upgrade to your work set-up. If a product requires light assembly, we include detailed instructions and relevant tools so you can get set up as soon as possible with your new purchase.

Convenience – Urbo® products are easy to order, and deliver quickly once we get your order confirmation. We offer a Warranty on all our products, and if you don’t like what you’ve got, our 30-Day Return Guarantee allows you to send the item back for a full refund.

Each product in our collection is designed for a specific need, based on your existing desk set-up. A quick glance at the product features section should help you choose the one that’s best suited for your requirement.

If you would like us to help you pick, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

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For any manufacturing defect or malfunction, we will provide free repair or replacement, as applicable.

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