What is T-Urbo Club?

We are a young brand that believes in constant innovation in collaboration with our customers. We want our customers to be with us through every stage in the process of creating new products. We want to hear the problems you would like Urbo® to solve, your feedback on the products we have in mind, your ideas on how they can be improved. The T-Urbo Club is our Facebook Group and is for those who would like to join us on our journey.

Who can join the club?

Desk athletes, tech enthusiasts, physiotherapists, chiropractors, occupational health practitioners, social media reviewers – or anyone with an interest in trying new things.

Why should you join?

You would be the first one to try out / test the products for us, which means free products for you to share your opinions and reviews. If you have a social following, you can also let them know of new product launches and special deals/offers. So you would be privy to all the brand information/changes first hand. We told you it is a special club!

How to join?

Did we convince you that you belong in the T-Urbo Club? Great! Then the rest is easy. Just click on the button below to join the Facebook group and receive all the benefits that come with it from now till forever.

Go to T-Urbo Club Facebook Group