Piles here, piles there! Never a pretty sight, especially when it comes to your desk space.

Thinking about cleaning the mess you have created on your desk can be stressful, but when it comes to having a neat and tidy workspace there are actually a number of benefits ranging from it inspiring your confidence to making you more productive

If you still find it hard to keep it clean, here’s a quick look at top three reasons why a clean desk can result in a more productive, fulfilling professional life –

1) A cluttered desk makes one scream, especially when you really need to find those critical bits of information at times of need. Rather, knowing where things are kept, keeps you on top of your game, making you more efficient at work and having a clear head even in acute situations.

2) Many projects require dealing with multiple items, such as your calendar, phone, reports, books, studies and so on. Even in the digital age, much of our work is conducted through or with physical supplies. A functional desk will have clear space where these items can be spread out and referenced, which will, in turn, ensure you have enough room to work.

3) If you are dealing with sensitive information, leaving it sitting around on your desk can put you or your company at risk, hence having a cleaner workspace avoids such a blunder.

Tips to keep your workspace organized –

  • Breakdown the cleaning process by creating a to-do list, a to-do list lets you work through each task and check it off the list, gaining the satisfaction of completing the next step in the project.
  • Make cleaning a habit, start off small things like organizing your drawers, arranging the supplies, regularly wiping down your computer, monitors and desk are all easy tasks that can become habits with regular application.
  • Consider investing in a laptop storage stand (Dual-use Laptop Stand, you can use your laptop in closed clamshell mode or as a storage when you are working on something else)

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