Computer technology and electronic gadgets have, with an iota of doubt, augmented human abilities multi-fold.

But the increasingly portable gadgets mean you end up slouching even when you are not physically tired and don’t ever realize your odd posture since you are so engrossed in the amazing world recreated by these electronic devices.

You can avoid straining your muscles by being aware that it is a bad posture when you are at home, but how do you relax your muscles from the strain that creeps in due to those long hours spent in the chair at work?

Well, there is an easy way to ease your body whilst at the workplace. Here are the 7 most effective exercises for those who spend hours sitting in front of a PC at work:

Raise The Roof – Get your blood pumping all through the body with this exercise that mimics a 1990s dance move. And to spice it up, you can sing “Hey! Through your hands in the air, Hands in the air, Up! Up! Up in the air”, that is in your mind of course.

Triceps Kick – Although this exercise looks like you are rowing a boat while shaking off fire ants from your feet, it effectively loosens your upper body and you will be fully ready to through yourself back at work.

Hamstring Curl – Doesn’t that look like your pet dog covering the hole he dug up? The good thing is that this exercise is not that noticeable and you won’t be disturbing your co-worker’s attention. Besides, nothing relaxes your pelvic muscles like this slo-mo run.

Knee Lift – You guessed it right! This exercise is for your thigh muscles (technically called as quadriceps) and it also wakes up those hip flexors that have been dozing due to prolonged non-movement.

Desk Push-up – Now this one is legitimate and a socially respected exercise. You can even pass off as a fitness enthusiast by doing this at work.

Chair Dips – This exercise is the most discreet one on the list and even the person sitting across your cubicle won’t notice. The movement works on your triceps and tones your core too!

Walking – Everybody loves taking a walk-break between work hours, sometimes to the office cafeteria and sometimes to the nearest Starbucks for a mood-lifting coffee. Some people even like to walk while they are thinking, wearing their problem-solver hat. Now that you know that walking is a great exercise, you have one more legit excuse to take a break from sticking to the chair.

Pro tip: Speak to your HR and have this circulated in your team so you can turn it into an employee health initiative and enjoy it as a group workout.

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(Credit: Washington Post)